Jenks Pool Service Near Me

Jenks Pool Service Near Me


Pool Service Company in Jenks, OK

Pools are meant to be places for recreational fun for your family. However, if your pool is more of a burden than a pleasure due to maintenance needed then you need a pool service company. Hiring a pool service will save you time, stress, and money in the long run. A pool service will help extend the life of your pool through regular professional maintenance. A pool service company will be able to assist you with maintaining the proper chemical balance in your pool. They will perform regular inspections and help you to know if your equipment is working properly. They will be able to identify cracks, sharp edges, and other potential hazards in your pool.



Jenks Best Pool Service


Integrity Pools is Jenks’s premier pool service company! We will partner with you to work hard to allow you to enjoy your pool. At Integrity Pools, we provide pool service, pool repair, and pool routine maintenance. We specialize in the chemistry of pool water balance. When pool water balance is incorrect it can cause your pool equipment to fail prematurely. We strive to keep your pool safe, comfortable, and in working order. 


At Integrity we have expert knowledge in the following areas:

  • Pool Service- includes testing and balancing pool chemicals, pool cleaning, checking and cleaning the pool filtration system, and testing pool equipment.
  • Pool Repair- includes pool inspection, repair of the pool, and test to make sure the pool is functioning correctly after repair.
  • Pool Maintenance- includes pool filter cleaning, water level checks, pool cleaning, and pool chemistry balancing.  Swimming Pool Education


Our regular pool service entails weekly to twice a week pool cleaning. Pool equipment can break. No worries, we are here to help! We install and repair pool equipment and non-structural components. Our pool service also includes a response to an emergency after hours. We will perform your pool’s routine maintenance weekly of all of your pool components, regularly clean or lubricate filters, o-rings, and valves.   



Jenks Pool Service Experts


Maintaining your pool should be handled by professionals. We take the headache out of your pool maintenance routine. A pool is meant to be enjoyed. Allow us to help you make your pool last for years to come. Our expert staff will ensure that we provide friendly and professional service. We have years of experience servicing the Jenk’s area. We will properly balance your pool chemicals and regularly inspect all aspects of your pool. We will even educate you on what you can do between services to help your pool stay clean and safe for your loved ones to enjoy. We truly care about our customers and strive to provide exemplary service. Call us today to start your pool service maintenance!


Get time with your family back and protect your investment with our help. Maintaining a safe and healthy pool will add to the value of your home and give you years of enjoyment. At Integrity Pools, we strive to partner with your family towards its well-being and safety. Check out our services by visiting us on the web or calling us today!