Jenks Pool Cleaner

Integrity Pool Service is a premier Jenks pool cleaner. We specialize in the chemistry of pool water balance, and we have the work ethic to do the job right. Researchers have found that even when pool chemistry is in range under the older guidelines, micro-organisms can grow, and a pool and its equipment can fail prematurely. We are up to date on modern pool science, and our goal is to keep your pool comfortable, clean, safe, and working well for years to come. All this on top of making sure that your pool ownership experience is hassle and worry-free. 


One of the best ways to ensure that your pool continually stays in a quality state is by investing in routine pool maintenance and cleaning. Swimming pools have many different parts and systems designed to work together to provide you with a great place to swim. When one of these parts doesn’t work as it should, it can cause your pool to become a safety hazard to swimmers. 


When your pool is regularly maintained and cleaned, maintenance steps will be taken to ensure the pool’s longevity and its equipment. It will also mean that a professional is looking over your pool regularly to give attention to the areas of the pool that need it.


You should have your pool professionally maintained at least once a month. Different pool equipment types may require attention more frequently or infrequently; however, it never hurts to have your pool looked over.


Your pool’s filtration system is designed to circulate and clean the water in your pool. This system works to remove debris and bacteria from your pool through drains and surface skimmers. It puts clean water back into the pools through water returns. If any of these parts become clogged or damaged, the pool water’s circulation will be halted. When your pool is maintained, the pool filtration system will be reviewed and cleaned to ensure that it will continue to work correctly.

Getting your pool cleaned is probably the most frequent maintenance your pool will require. Swimming pools should be cleaned frequently to remove debris in the water and any trace of bacteria or algae that could quickly multiply and become a problem. There is more to cleaning your pool than just skimming the surface to remove leaves and debris. Our Jenks team will go through a multi-step process to make sure your pool is spotless and working correctly, including vacuuming the pool floor, cleaning the sides of the pool, cleaning the filter, checking the water’s pH level, and using pool cleaning tabs and pool shock.


If you want to keep your pool clean and working optimally, you should call Integrity Pool Service today. We offer 20% off the first month of maintenance and cleaning, so be sure to inquire about our introductory offer.

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