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Weekly or Twice-Weekly Pool Cleaning starting at $40/wk* | Twice-Weekly service offered only in winter


Installation and repair of all kinds of pool equipment and non-structural components | We respond to emergency calls after hours, so don’t hesitate!


Weekly inspection of all pool components | Regular cleaning or lubrication of filters, o-rings, and valves**

*price for service will be determined based on the type, size, and location of the pool 

**Some components require annual, bi-annual, or only periodic service. Service for components will be completed as-needed as that component requires.

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Jenks Pool Service

Swimming pools require servicing and maintenance year-round, even more so in the warm months where the pool is used regularly. Regularly servicing your pool can keep the pool clean, make sure the equipment is working properly, and ensure that pool chemicals are balanced correctly.


A swimming pool should have regular service year-round, even in colder months when the pool isn’t in use. In the colder months, your pool won’t require as frequent attention; however, it should be checked periodically to ensure that everything is functioning as it should and that the pool will be ready when the warm months roll around.


When your swimming pool is opened and it frequently sees swimmers, you should have the pool professionally serviced at least once a month. There are smaller tasks that will need to be done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, like balancing the pool’s pH and cleaning the water, which the team at Integrity Pool Service can also help you with.


During the winter months, the pH in the pool should continue to be balanced at least every week. If the chemicals in the pool or off-balance, it can cause pool equipment and fixtures to become damaged. The last thing you want to do is to open your pool up for the summer to discover that it has received damage through the colder months.

Pool Maintenance in South Tulsa

When you hire a pool service, your swimming pool will be looked over and serviced by a professional. This is a great way to stay on top of the state of your pool and be made aware of any damage or issues your pool may face. 

Testing and Balancing Pool Chemicals

An important aspect of ensuring the state of your pool is having balanced pool chemicals. The chemicals in the pool can be thrown off by direct sunlight, lotion and debris getting in the pool, and rainfall. To balance the pool chemicals, our team will first test the water’s pH, then work from there to ensure that the chemicals are balanced.

Cleaning the Pool

A dirty pool can deter swimmers from enjoying the water as well as cause blockage in the filtration system. Pool cleaning is one of the most frequent services your pool will need. This service should include skimming the water surface and the depths for debris, emptying skimmer baskets, vacuuming the pool, and scrubbing the sides of the pool.

Checking and Cleaning the Filtration System

The filtration system is an important part of your swimming pool. This system works to filter out debris and dirty water for clean water. It also keeps the water circulated so bacteria can’t form and the water can’t freeze. Each part of the filtration system should be checked and cleaned regularly. This includes the surface skimmers, the water returns, drains, and the filter itself.

Test Pool Equipment

Lastly, pool equipment will be tested to ensure that it is working correctly. This equipment includes water thermometers, filters, pumps, vacuums, ladders, and railings. When pool equipment doesn’t function properly, it can become a hazard to swimmers. Testing pool equipment is an important part of ensuring the safety of your swimmers.

Broken Arrow Pool Cleaning

Jenks Pool Repair

A swimming pool can be a major aspect of your property. Every pool has systems hidden from the visible eye to ensure that the swimming pool functions properly and remains safe for the swimmers. When something in relation to the swimming pool breaks, it can be stressful trying to figure out what to do next.


If your swimming pool is in need of repair, contact Integrity Pool Service today. Our team has years of experience servicing, maintaining, and repairing pools. We’ve worked with many different types of pools, from indoor and outdoor pools to in-ground and above-ground pools.


If your pool is damaged, it’s important to act quickly to keep the damage from getting worse. Here is a list of signs that your swimming pool may be broken:

  • Pool water looks stagnant
  • Pool seems to be losing an excessive amount of water
  • Water puddles around the area of the pool
  • Cracks in the pool foundation

  • Squishy pool floor
  • Freezing water when you know your pool has a heater
  • Broken pool lights

These are all signs that there is something else going on in your pool. From the filtration system not working and the pool leaking to compromises in the foundation of the pool, all of these are serious and require immediate attention.


So, how does the pool repair process work? It’s important that the pool is fixed properly the first time so you don’t have to deal with the same problems later. Here is how we handle pool repairs at Integrity Pool Service.

Pool Inspection

Swimming pools have many working parts; before the swimming pool can be repaired, it’s important to find out exactly where the problem is in the pool’s systems. We will start by inspecting the pool and each of its parts so that we can diagnose the problem.

Pool Repair

Once we have diagnosed the problem that your pool is having, we will keep you informed on the best options for repair. We will work with you to come up with a solution that will ensure that your pool functions as it should.

Test to Ensure the Pool is Working Properly

Once the necessary pool repairs have been made, it’s time to test to ensure that everything is back to functioning correctly. We will run tests to make sure the repair worked and your pool is ready to be enjoyed once again.

Jenks Pool Maintenance

One of the best ways you can ensure that your pool continually stays in a quality state is by investing in routine pool maintenance. Swimming pools have many different parts and systems designed to work together to provide you with a great place to swim. When one of these parts doesn’t work as it should, it can cause your pool to become a safety hazard to swimmers. 


When your pool is regularly maintained, maintenance steps will be taken to ensure the longevity of the pool and its equipment. It will also mean that a professional is looking over your pool on a regular basis to give attention to the areas of the pool that need it.


You should have your pool professionally maintained at least once a month. Different types of pool equipment may require attention more frequently or infrequently; however, it never hurts to have your pool looked over.

Pool Cleaning in South Tulsa

Here is a list of some of the services included in pool maintenance services:

Pool Filter Cleaning

Your pool’s filtration system is designed to circulate and clean the water in your pool. This system works to remove debris and bacteria from your pool through drains and surface skimmers. It puts clean water back into the pools through water returns. If any of these parts become clogged or damaged, the circulation of the pool water will be halted.


When your pool is maintained, the pool filtration system will be reviewed and cleaned to ensure that it will continue to work properly.

Water Level Checks

Why are water levels in your pool important? There are a number of reasons water levels are important. A change in water level can alter the chemical balance of your pool. It can also cause damage to pool equipment like the pump and make the filtration system ineffective. A serious decrease in water level can also mean that your pool is leaking. It’s important to stay on top of water levels to keep your pool in a working state.

Pool Cleaning

Getting your pool cleaned is probably the most frequent maintenance your pool will require. Swimming pools should be cleaned frequently to get rid of debris in the water and to remove any trace of bacteria or algae that could quickly multiply and become a problem.

Pool Chemistry Balancing

A balanced pool chemistry will keep your swimmers safe while also killing off unwanted bacteria. Unbalanced pool chemistry can cause bacteria and algae to thrive in your swimming pool while posing health risks to your swimmers. Unfortunately, the chemical balance of your pool can easily be thrown off by many different types of factors like direct sunlight, rainfall, debris, and sunscreen lotion.


To maintain your pool, the pool chemistry should be tested and corrected frequently. Off-balance chemicals can also damage pool equipment and parts, so it’s important to stay on top of the pH of your pool.


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